Curated by B. Traits at EartH, Hackney, covered by DJ Mag.

A deep, ambient electronic sound exploration, with fellow music masters, Tom Middleton, Aaron Horn, Tracie Storey & Tomoko Sauvage

 The Metro

Triple award-winning writer, Lisa Scott covered Tim and Cherub’s revolutionary event in The Metro.

Their sell out event Resonate; a 3D sound collaboration with legendary music producer, Martyn Ware was the first of its kind, and as the first to perform in a Turkish Mosque, Tim and Cherub created a bridge between communities with sound.

Listen to Cherub’s radio interview with DJ Goldie Rocks at Bestival FM, who later trained with them in 2019. Interview begins 32 minutes in.

Cherub features in a double page article in Women’s Health magazine and in an online write up in Glamour Magazine on luxury retreat brand “Our Retreat”.

Read it here