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Treat yourself to a relaxing, heart-opening journey through sound and the senses to soothe your mind and illuminate your soul. A private sound therapy session can get you in to very deep meditative state where deep healing is can happen.

Experience deeply intuitive hot stones massage with cbd infused essential oils, using tuning forks that resonate at 50hz to relieving tension in your nerves and muscles.

Melt into a healing high frequency fusion of planet gongs, shamanic drum, Cherabella crystal bowls and tuning forks – releasing endorphins, contributing to cellular regeneration and carrying you into a deep state of sonic bliss..

Sound healing has many benefits including relaxation, emotional healing, and deep meditative states. You can learn about how sound effects the brain and relaxes you here.

£85 – 1 hour : sound and energy healing

£115 – 1.5 hours : sound and energy healing with hot stones massage

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Give The Gift Of Sound

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