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Tim Wheater

World renowned composer, musician and speaker, Tim Wheater has presented his acclaimed inspirational music all over the world.

Tim’s invaluable contribution to the arts spans over 40 years, including 25 revolutionary albums, performing alongside leading luminaries like The Dalai Lama, Ram Dass and Neale Donald Walsch, as well as pop and rock icons such as Eurythmics, Donovan and The Grateful Dead.

Cherub Sanson

Cherub Sanson is London’s most loveable sound artist – founder of Cherabella; her own brand of 432hz instruments, Sister Sound Circle; a sonic support network for women, and Play Around Sound; an intuitive musical exploration for children.

Cherub is supremely dedicated to to sharing the transformational powers of sound, and the benefits of exploring frequency to guide people into happier, healthier states of mind.

The Story So Far

The Tim and Cherub story Began in 2011, when divine orchestration “coincidentally” brought them both together. Cherub trained with Tim and they have been performing, teaching, speaking and producing together globally ever since.

The wisdom & sound skills that Tim and Cherub share have been passed down with the greatest honour from Yogi Bajan, to the gong grand master Don Conreux, along with Tim’s teachers, the master flautists Jimmy Galway & Marcel Moyse. 

They take great pride in this pure lineage of musical mastery, showing admirable commitment to this field in every aspect of their work and together they pass on these teachings, keeping the ancient wisdom alive.

Tim and Cherub have been teaching 44 new sound students a year since 2015, and Tim had been teaching solo for 20 years prior.

Tim is Cherub’s dear friend, mentor, maestro and truly one of her greatest inspirations. He has been an incredible teacher to her throughout their sound journey of almost a decade.